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30a Moke Rental
A moke rental on 30a is a cool way to cruise around the 30a area in style.   Mokes Rentals are a little limited in regard to how far they go.   Manufacturer suggest moke rentals have a 35 mile battery life, but we suggest no more than 15-20 to be safe.  If distance is a problem, we recommend our 30a Beach Buggy Rental.  Our Beach Buggies are gas powered and can go anywhere a typical car can go.   Visit that website at www.30abeachbuggy.com

30a Moke Rental offers rentals on a weekly basis.  Prices start at $1350 a week.   

-Must be 30 years old to rent
-Must have Valid US drivers license and Insurance card


Moke Rentals on 30a are a great way to cruise around 30a and surrounding areas.  If you need a moke rental for 30a you've come to the right place.  30a Moke Rental in Santa Rosa Beach offers moke rentals for the 30a area.   Check out our websites at www.30amoke.com or www.30abeachbuggy.com.  30a Beach buggy also offers the super cool beach buggy rentals.  Visit our website at www.30abeachbuggy.com   #mokerental #mokerental30a #30amokerental #30abeachbuggy  #beachbuggy #beachbuggy30a